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The long anticipated return of 'TIMERYDER PRODUCTIONS' has unfortunately been postponed until further notice due to the current & ongoing Covid lockdown rules & restrictions. An event launch date will eventually be set in due course once the music event industry has normalised.


But until then... here is some further information of what the event will in tale once a date has actually been set.   


Bringing you a unique 'Drum & Bass' event which is definitely not to be missed!!!


...THE 'DRUM & BASS' MATRIX... will be the first of many!!! 


Showcasing some of the best established 'DNB' artists in the industry right now!!! 

Also... some of the best up & coming artists too!!!


The event will evenyually take place in London, UK!!!


The date & location is still to be announced!!!


The 'Oracle' has predicted the following:


  • Ticket prices will increase leading up to the day of the event

  • Tickets will 100% sell out prior to the day of the event

  • The location of the event will be somewhere in Greater London

  • The event will be easily accessible via public transport

  • A few big names in the 'DNB' industry will be performing

  • The event will be like no other 'DNB' event you've ever attended before!!!

  • Definitely NOT to be missed!!!


More detailed information about the event will be available in due course... make sure you 'SUBSCRIBE' to stay up to date with all new information and announcements!!!

This will be an 18 years or older event. I.D will be required upon entry.
Or... Consult with the 'Oracle' first:

Thank you for your query... the 'Oracle' will respond in due course, but please be patient... the 'Oracle' has alot of other potentials to deal with. Thank you

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